About Galina

 Welcome!  It has been a rewarding experience helping people to improve their lives. I mainly work with adults who are struggling with  depression, anxiety, relational and parenting issues, trauma, loss and  grief, pain management, self-esteem and performance problems, issues of  emerging adulthood and other transitions, identity issues, and  acculturation difficulties. What  can be more inspiring than seeing  people overcoming their struggles during our work together and improving quality of their lives!


Cigna healthcare accepted. 

My treatment

In  my practice I use psychodynamic and interpersonal psychotherapy,  Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, and Integrative Mind-Body-Spirit  approach.

My clients

We  focus on discovering unique qualities and inner resources that each  person has, which can be used to achieve desired goals, deeper sense of  personal growth, satisfaction and fulfillment.